Winter Tents

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winter tents






























Inside:  Winter Insulated Protection


Dimensions: Available in Any Size
Fabric: PVC 650 gm/m2 – Fire resistant
Groundsheet : PVC – Fire Resistant or Any strong plastic not less 3mm
Structure: Square galvanized tubes
Inside: Winter Insulated Protection inside
Windows: 4 Windows
Ventilations: 2 Ventilation Windows
Door: 1 Door with antimosquito Nets

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MOQ: 10pcs




To manufacture our Refugee Tents, NGO Tents or ONG Tentes, we mainly use OXFORD Fabric.

Our in house OXFORD Fabric is very Strong, Waterproof, UV resistant and Fire retardant.

It comes in different weaving and weight but we mainly use it  in 600D to 1000D in order to ensure a Maximum of performances and durability.

Our OXFORD Fabric comes in any colour: White, Blue, Green or any other colours according to you request.

1000D-Oxford-fabric-waterproof-beige 1000D-Oxford-fabric-waterproof-green 1000D-Oxford-fabric-waterproof-blue 1000D-Oxford-fabric-waterproof-green-light